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Get to know me meme - [2/5] favorite musical artists: Twenty One Pilots

“Do you feel that? That’s a bunch of people in one room deciding it’s worth it to stay alive for at least one day. It’s music. You see, music can help things make sense one verse at a time. If you love music like me, sometimes you can’t do anything but move. Sometimes you can’t do anything but jump.” — Tyler Joseph

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Kinfolk: Essentials of Fall Camping

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W.H. Auden’s syllabus (yes, for a single semester) for a class called “Fate and the Individual in European Culture” at the University of Michigan. This is not a course to be trifled with. 

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sough (v.) to moan, to rustle, to sigh;
           (n.) the gentle, soothing murmur of wind or water
dirl (v.) to thrill, to vibrate, to penetrate; to tremble or quiver 
effleurage (v.) “to stroke as one would a flower”
                 (n.) a series of light stroking touches
cafuné (v.) running your fingers through your lover’s hair
cataglottism (n.) kissing with tongue

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damn she thick

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